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Work experience at Granada Reports

A diary of my week at ITV's Granada Reports


I was sent to a desk and told to wait a minute until the story planner of the day was ready to talk to me. The minute never came. After I was given the hand-off gesture of: 'I don't deal with the student flavour of the week,' it soon became clear that work experience pupils aren't welcomed very warmly in the newsroom. News presenters and reporters very friendly and nice, most story planners are arrogantly rude, bar one, Anna. 

Surprised they chose to follow the 'Middlewich Clean Team' story from 'The Daily Mail'- thought this was poor practise within Journalism? I always thought that this was to be avoided as it is a poor substitute for sourcing your own ideas. 

I was then sent out on a story with Ben Schofield to Middlewich to follow The Clean Team.

Should have said to do vox pops to balance story.. go with gut.

Learnt a lot about filming, camera angles, how important it is to think creatively and outside the box. Asked cameraman lots of questions, amazed at how qualified he is.

Helped edit.

Watched programme from the gallery.


Kept watch on news feeds for latest stories. Nervous about contacting the council to find out info for the football march in Manchester. Plucked up courage. 

Visited MMU in Crewe to film interviews with the Olympic athletes from the Solomon Islands and the new training complex. Asked lots of questions about training etc. ITV scheme.

Stayed until 8.30pm talking to Lucy about my stories, seemed positive but nothing came of it.


Kept watch on news feeds, pitched ideas for stories. Contacted local council for quotes. Found out about beacon lighting in North West, researched organisers and contacted them. Suggested covering STAG story in Knutsford and Wilmslow- kept on file.

Went filming to Cheadle Hulme, ‘keepy uppy’ star at primary school. Went to murder scene.

Watched programme from the studio.


Went to Chester zoo to help film cheetah whose ankle has recovered and is now running around again. Interviewed surgeon and zoo keeper.

Helped story planner with stories, pitched ideas.

Watched programme from the studio.

Action starts in the newsroom from 10am onwards. Staff always busy, energetic and fast paced vibe throughout the newsroom. All watch the programme and wait for feedback afterwards before going home.

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